Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Family the Scowcrofts

My Family the Scowcrofts

Hello everyone, my name is Mark. I am, at the moment, 41 years old living in Kirkham, Preston, Lancashire with my family whom I am about to show you.

First off there is me.

Then there is my wife Cheryl.

Next are my two lovely children, Ashley and Gemma.

The following members of the family could be described as the laziest and the liveliest!!

First off is the one and only Luigi! Yes that is his normal expression when a camera comes out :o)

The last member is the newest to join our family. His name is Chester.

Here we all are. The Scowcrofts.
Willing to give you an insight into our lives.

I hope the Blog will be fun reading as I think it will be to write.

Keep watching........